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The cure for boring Shakespeare!

Sep 7, 2018

Henry VI part 1 – Act I Scene 2
Charles the Dauphin and his followers made a strong start, but their momentum falters at Orléans. Perhaps their siege needs a woman’s touch.

Aug 5, 2018

Henry VI part 1 – Act I Scene 1
At the foot of Henry V’s coffin, messengers deliver bad news from France. Winchester goes to the dark side.

Scott’s Law - Connecting the use of Thou vs. You with personal space.

  • “Character A might call Character B "thou" if and only if Character A would be allowed to step into...

Jul 7, 2018

Henry VI part 1 – Intro –
Is this Shakespeare? What’s Stylometry? Were there any famous Elizabethan pamphleteers? All of these questions, plus a recap of the previous (second) tetralogy, and more, in our introduction to part one of Henry VI.

Apr 23, 2018

A Midsummer Night's Dream – Act V scene 1 –
To celebrate the triple wedding, and conclude our play, the rude mechanicals take to the stage, and live their dream at last.

Mar 31, 2018

A Midsummer Night's Dream – Act IV scene 1 & 2 –
The dream is ending. With the coming of dawn the mortal world takes hold, but some enchantments remain.