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The cure for boring Shakespeare!

Dec 19, 2012

1 Henry IV 3.1 – The rebels gather to carve up a kingdom, but find themselves in pieces if they can't rein in the fiery Hotspur.
Procession, by Jillian LaDage, courtesy of

Dec 3, 2012

1 Henry IV 2.4 – Back in the seedy embrace of Eastcheap, there's time for one last hurrah, before war descends. Come join us for a drink or twenty.
Whiskey in the jar, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of

Nov 17, 2012

1 Henry IV 2.3 – As Hotspur prepares for rebellion he is distracted by his wife, the lady percy. Special guest Heather Ordover helps turn up the heat on this fervid romance.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, by AM w/ Tina Dico, courtesy of

Oct 29, 2012

1 Henry IV 2.1-2.2 – Falstaff and his crew rise early for some villainous fun and games.
Judge or Jury, by The Kings of Nuthin, courtesy of

Oct 14, 2012

1 Henry IV 1.3 – If the King thought he had a problem with his son, wait 'til he deals with the Percy family: Northumberland, Worcester and Hotspur.
Big Man Sylvest, by Dust Rhinos, courtesy of