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The cure for boring Shakespeare!

Dec 27, 2016

The Winter's Tale – Act II scene 1 – The serenity of mother and child is shattered as Leontes publicly accuses his wife of adultery.

Nov 30, 2016

The Winter's Tale – Act I scene 2 – Leontes, convinced of his wife's adultery, looks to his most faithful confidant, Camillo, to help resolve his troubled mind.

Oct 31, 2016

The Winter's Tale – Act I scene 2 – Polixenes truly desires to return home, but Hermione convinces him to stay, while Leontes has some bad ideas.

Sep 14, 2016

The Winter's Tale – Intro, and Act I scene 1 – A sad tale may be best for winter, but Shakespeare had something else in mind. Come join us in the Kingdom of Sicilia, where everything is just swell.

Jun 18, 2016

King Lear – Act V scene 3 – The wheel turns again as Lear and company make their weary way toward the inevitable conclusion.
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